Letters to the Editor

Can you explain the new format?

received via e-mail

Can you explain the new format? On the one hand, I see that each issue will have a unique theme. On the other hand, I saw reference to regular columns or sections. How will you be able to do both?

The answer is indeed both! If you look even at this issue, you’ll notice that the theme incorporates several short articles at the beginning of the magazine. This theme will change from issue to issue and will cover different doctrinal and cultural questions. On the other hand, the rest (and majority) of the magazine comprises unique perspectives, labeled according to their topic. The idea was to appeal to all of our readers somehow: the priests and religious, parents, young adults, those interested in Tradition, and so on. We may alter something here or there, but the main layout will remain similar to what you’re holding now. Let us know what you think!

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The Angelus going Bi-monthly

A subscriber

Why did you decide to go to a bi-monthly? Won’t this make it harder to report the news? As subscribers, will we be missing out?

A Subscriber
St. Marys, KS

Due to continually increasing printing and shipping costs, we decided to give you fresh content every two months instead of monthly. You will not be missing out; in fact, we’re confident that you’ll find the new format more accessible and the themes more timely. Even with a monthly, news was relatively impossible; we live in a world that is increasingly too fast-paced for print. Instead, and more importantly, we’ll be providing the analysis and commentary that you can’t find anywhere else. We are confident you won’t be upset!

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Broken Links?

Randall Leese

Congratulations on the success of your most excellent and impressive new website! Very pleased. Only one thing: the Angelus download links don't seem to work as they should. When I try to access the link, it simply reloads the page.

Reply: Only registered users (i.e. paid subscribers) can access the most recent 24 issues -- this includes both text and PDF files.  The reason the PDF links do not work is because you need to be logged in.  Hope this helps!

Website Nits

Justin Tomac

Several nits for your website developer to think of: 1st - When you request a new password, may want to let the person know they need to write or copy the new website generated password down. When you click into the login site you automatically lose the 'password'...this resulted in two new password requests.

Reply: This problem has been resolved.  The site will automatically log the customer into the site after they click the link, and they'll be immediately directed to change their password.

2nd - When checking out, if a person has already filled out the information for State (i.e. chosen the state and saved in profile) do they really need to continually choose the State as they progress through the checkout screens (i.e. chose missouri from drop down for shipping/billing, next screen was the money screen and had to choose missouri again)....

Reply: There is a box on the registration page which says "Billing Address is the same as Mailing Address," but perhaps we should make it stand out more clearly.  Thanks for these suggestions, Justin.

Vast Improvement


Hello, I think the site looks great — a vast improvement.

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