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Saints and Canonizations Essential to the Church

Given his social nature, man is wont to take his rule of conduct from the wise and the just, and he would give them the honor due to heroes always in connection with the divinity: heroes somehow reflect the splendor of God clad in human flesh.

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The New Canonizations Doubt and Confusion

The Catholic who made these questionable remarks was Pope John Paul II, whom Pope Francis has just approved for ‘canonization.’ 4 In our post-Conciliar period of ecclesiastical sentimentality, the age-old truths of the Faith no longer stand as the central criteria for determining heroic virtue.

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Santo Subito?

The beatification of John Paul II was reported by the press as an historical fact without precedent, since it took place in record time (he was beatified within six years of his death), and as an event at which one has arrived at the conclusion of a serious process. In the following pages we shall explain why we may doubt the seriousness of the beatification of John Paul II.

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