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A Reflection on My Time at St. Mary’s College

"When I arrived as a first-year student at St. Mary’s College, I was surprised to find that—like myself—many of my classmates hadn’t originally wanted to come to St. Mary’s. They were persuaded by parents, mentors, religious or friends to make a decision which, to an ambitious teenager, seemed pointless: working hard for two years at an unconventional liberal arts college which wasn’t even fully accredited. In hindsight, I see that this decision was a mark of freedom..."

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Love’s Atlantis: The Lost Art of Poetic Knowledge

"When students dip their toes into a poem, they usually wade their way through its figurative language until they wash up to some shore of meaning. The problem is the students’ eyes: they believe they’ve discovered a new continent when, in reality, they’ve hit a sandbar. The irony is that the poem’s meaning is not even on land: it is in a New Atlantis fathoms below, and you must drown a little to see it..." 

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How to Get a Solid Catholic Formation … in Paris!

An interview with Fr. François-Marie Chautard, Rector of the Institut Universitaire Saint-Pie X in Paris.

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