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A Right to Be Tolerated? Church and State and “Religious Liberty”

While he was created cardinal in 1953 by Pius XII, Fr. Alfredo Ottaviani would not be consecrated as an Archbishop until 1962. On Maundy Thursday, April 17, John XXIII personally laid hands on the man who had been the head of the Holy Office for three years, and a member of the same Congregation for nine years.

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Propaganda in Paint: The Coronation of Napoleon Bonaparte

There may not have been a more complete, more rapid, more shocking destruction of the autonomy and power of the Catholic Church in history than the events which took place in France between November 1789 and July 1790. In nine months, the Catholic Church in France had gone from a curious confusion about the new government of the Third Estate to utter shock that their naiveté had been utterly violated.

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Sermon on the Two Cities

In this sermon, the author fuses Pauline metaphors of spiritual combat with Augustine’s epic narrative of salvation history in the City of God, depicting history as a pitched battle between the City of God (Jerusalem) and the City of Man (Babylon), between Christ the King and that rebel without a cause, Satan. The battle rages. Both armies field champions. Whose side are you on?

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