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St. Sergey of Radonezh

Searching for a lost foal, a Russian schoolboy espied an elder standing motionless under an oak. The boy approached as the elder wept in prayer. Making obeisance, the young boy asked for enlightenment: his brothers and schoolmates harassed him since he was slow to learn, and could neither read nor write. The monk blessed him. He took bread out of his satchel with three fingers, and gave it to the boy. With this, he said “Take this in thy mouth, child, and eat; this is given thee as a sign of God’s grace and for the understanding of Holy Scriptures."

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Book Review: Theology of Home—Finding the Eternal in the Everyday

Carrie Gress and Noelle Mering, in this well-intentioned work, attempt to weave a synthesis of Catholic home life, homemaking, and Catholic Culture. Unfortunately, the authors fall short of the task, relying too much on superficial stories and images which fail to convey what it means to be Catholic in a three-dimensional sense. 

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