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Farming It Ourselves

Tell us a little bit about Smith and Smith Farms.

We are currently located by Meriden, Kansas, which is about 10 minutes north of Topeka on 10 acres. We offer eggs primarily, but also chicken, rabbit and soon-to-be turkey meat by special order. Additionally, we are hoping to expand with a dairy cow—first for ourselves and then added to our delivery/sales repertoire.

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Will Rascals Defend Our Civilization… ?

And What Books Will They Read?

He faces execution each day. Seven days a week, his jury of peers votes unanimously for capital punishment. The judge’s hand is typically stayed. Mercy reigns because the accused shows signs of improvement. Perhaps, this little boy will one day also become fully human. With him and his kind rests the fate of Western Civilization.

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The Three Ways of Praying

It was at the Chapel of the Visitation in Nice that Monsignor Lefebvre celebrated on February 17, the first Sunday of Lent, his last Solemn Mass and delivered his last homily.

My dear brothers, It is with great joy, great satisfaction that I find myself today in the midst of you in this admirable church of St. Claire, filled with so many memories. ...

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