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Rediscovering Devotion to the Holy Face of Jesus

Many Catholics have a beautiful and strong devotion to special attributes of Our Lord: the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the Precious Blood, the Holy Name of Jesus. Catholics observe holy days and pray litanies in honor of these beloved characteristics of Our Lord. But at one point in Catholic history, another devotion was as well-known and beloved as that of the Sacred Heart of Jesus—the Holy Face devotion. This devotion was given to the Church by Our Lord Himself, who said it is “the most beautiful work under the sun.”

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Three Ways to Approach Sacred Art for the Beginner

Imagine that on three successive days in Rome, you visit three historical churches—St. Peter’s Basilica, the Basilica di Santa Sofia, and the Catacombs of Priscilla. One would be hard pressed to find three churches more visually distinct in the way they portray sacred art. But regardless of the genres, figures, and changing tastes of the times, what is sacred art for? How are we as faithful supposed to read this art?

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Did Joan of Arc attend the Traditional Mass as I know it, before Vatican II?

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