Issue: September 2020

Letter from the Publisher

Why is modernism such a dangerous heresy?

Memorial to St. Pius X

Chesterton's thoughtful reflection on the papacy of St. Pius X.

A Historical Sketch

A historical sketch of the genesis and trajectory of the modernist heresy.

The Neo-Modernism of Pope Francis

How has Pope Francis carried on the modernist legacy during his pontificate? 

A Manifestation of Modernism: Joyce’s Portrait

A study of Joyce's literature and its relationship to modernism.

Book Review: One Hundred Years of Modernism

A review of an important and oft-neglected work on the history of modernism.

Getting into Chesterton

Given Chesterton's expansive corpus, where does one begin?

Meditation on St. John

A mediation on the Gospel of St. John.

Episcopus sum ego

A previously untranslated sermon of Cardinal Pie.

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass: The Preface and the Sanctus

A study of the Preface and Sanctus in the Mass.

God Is All

What does it mean to say that "God is all"?

Modernism in Music—Who Cares If You Listen?

On modernism's infilitration into music.

“À nous deux, maintenant!”: Le Sillon, Modernism, and Catholicism as Democracy

On the relationship been modernism and Catholic politics. 

Montmajour Abbey

An overview of a historic abbey.

Celebrating the Priesthood

On the importance of the priesthood.

How to Educate the Child in . . . Honesty

How do we teach our children to be honest and not to lie?

Questions and Answers

Answers on why we call priests "father" and the meaning of the term "heresy."

Complex Questions & Simple Answers

Some simple answers to complex questions about the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Enemies Turned Friends

How is the decline of evangelization in Europe to be explained?

The Last Word

The "first word" from the new author of The Last Word column.