Issue: March 2020

Letter from Publisher

Why are we dedicating an issue of The Angelus to spirituality?

Spirituality for the Individual—A Vast Garden

On the uniqueness and diversity of spirituality. 

The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius

An examination of Ignatian spirituality. 

Dominican Spirituality

On the unique features and focus of Dominican spirituality. 

The French School of Spirituality

Is there such a thing as "French spirituality" and, if so, what are its features?

Redemptorist Spirituality and the Christian East

On the interplay between Redemptorist spirituality and Eastern Christian spirituality.

Reading St. John, Part Two: Types and Figures

The second part of a careful reading of the Gospel of St. John.

The Family and Christian Societies

Why the Christian family is important for society.

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass: The Offertory, Part Two

By Fr. Christopher Danel In this article we examine the Oblation or Offering of the Host, presenting the work of Monsignor Nicholas Gihr in his fundamental liturgical commentary The Holy...

A Bookplate of the First Catholic Bishop in Australia

An examination of the bookplate of the first Australian bishop.

The Stability of the Order of St. Benedict

How has the Order of St. Benedict been so stable over the centuries?

Troyes Cathedral

A careful review of the artistic and architectural treasure that is the Troyes Cathedral.

The Harrowing of Hell

On Christ's "Harrowing of Hell" following His Salvific death.

Not at All What a Vain Modernity Thinks

On modern distortions of Christ.

Good Family Spirit

Why is familial spirituality important?

Questions and Answers

On detraction, judging one's neighbor, and buying relics.

Complex Questions & Simple Answers: Part Two

On freedom, original sin, and God's justice.

Modernity and the New Mass

How did modernity shape the New Mass?

The Last Word

Why we need a spiritual life.