Issue: January 2020

Letter from the Publisher

On why we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Society of Saint Pius X.

The Origins of the Society of Saint Pius X

Extracts from Archbishop Lefebvre's biography which detail the founding of the SSPX.

The Archbishop, the Society, and Rome

A detailed review of the fraught history of Rome's relationship with the SSPX.

For the Love of the Church

Why did Archbishop Lefebvre found the SSPX? This extract from his biography explains.

Establishing the First District

On the trials and tribulations of establishing the first district for the SSPX in France.

Archbishop Lefebvre and Shakespeare

What is the relationship between Archbishop Lefebvre's life and the writings of the Bard? Find out here.

Why Is the SSPX Necessary?

Many in the Church claim there is no need for the SSPX. This article shows why that assumption is wrong.

St. John’s Use of Words

On the Evangelist St. John's use of language in the New Testament.

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass:
The Offertory
Part One

The first part of a detailed analysis of the Offertory in the traditional Latin Mass.

A Bishop for All Seasons

A reflection of the life and importance of Archbishop Lefebvre.

The Deposit of the Faith

On Archbishop Lefebvre's commitment to protect the Catholic Faith. 

St. Agnes

A brief reflection on the life of St. Agnes by St. Ambrose of Milan. 

Book Review: Blessed Leonid Feodorov

A review of a book on Leonid Feodorov who helped establish the Russian Greek Catholic Church.

A Rebours, En Route, and Very Much on Target

A look at the importance of Joris-Karl Huysmans's work.

Letter to a Young Lady About Strength

Why it is important for young ladies to remain strong.

Who Is My Child?

On the importance of rearing children properly.

The Wise Men

A poem by G.K. Chesterton. 

Questions and Answers

Questions and answers on the Gospel of Luke, the Apostles' Creed, and Baptism of desire.

Complex Questions & Simple Answers

The first in a series of translations and adaptations of an important catechism published in the Netherlands.

Bishop Schneider on the Problem of a Heretical Pope

A detailed theological study of Bishop Schneider's recent work on heretical popes.

The Last Word

On why the SSPX is a deeply Marian congregation.