Issue: September 2019

Letter from the Publisher

Catholicism and science, contrary to popular assumptions, go together.

The Catholic Church and Science

Overcoming the myth the Catholicism is anti-science. 

Science and Beyond: Dantean Moon Spots

A reflection on Dante and the nature of reality.

He Destroyed the Enlightenment Myth

An interview on Pierre Duhem.

Catholics Invented Science

On the role of Catholicism in the emergence of science.

Heroism and Genius

An interview with Fr. Slattery, author of Heroism and Genius.

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass: The Gospel

On the reading of the Gospel at the traditional Latin Mass.

Earthquake Priest

On the role the Jesuits played in monitoring and detecting earthquakes.

The Science of Silence

On the importance of silence for a Catholic life.

The Sound of Science

On the relationship between science and music.

A Meditation on the First and Only Church of Christ the Scientist

A blistering analysis of the ideology of scientism.

My God, I Hopeā€¦

What is "hope" and why is it important to the Catholic life?

The Caste System in India

On the horrors of India's caste system.

Building Bridges from East to West

An examination on how to spread the truth of Christianity to those in the far East.

Questions and Answers

Questions and answers on tattoos, the prayers of sinners, and "dying with dignity."

News from Tradition: Church and World

  • John Henry Newman's Canonization
  • Archbishop Sheen's Mortal Remains Return to Illinois
  • Notre Dame's Restoration
  • Amazonian Synod
  • Church Vandalism in Michigan

The Confusion of the Church and the World at the Root of the Crisis

A conference given by the Society of Saint Pius X's new Superior General, Fr. Davide Pagliarani.

The Last Word

A final thought on the Church and science.