Issue: January 2019

Letter from the Publisher

On the need for good bishops to see us through dark times.

The Choice of Bishops: A Right of the Church

It is the Church alone which has the authority to determine who should be bishops. 

Good Bishops, Court Bishops, and Modern Regalism

Why do we need good bishops and how can we distinguish them from the bad?

Letter to Future Bishops

Archbishop Lefebvre's letter to the bishops he consecrated in 1988.

Recollection for 4 Future Bishops

A sermon of Archbishop Lefebvre on the 1988 consecrations.

The Problem with Collegiality

What is wrong with collegiality and what is to be done about it?

Consecration of a Bishop

An analysis of the rite of consecrating a bishop.

Bishop’s Oath and Examination

The Traditional oath for a bishop.

The Good Shepherd and His Flock

On the role of a bishop according to St. Benedict.

An Interview with Fr. Paul Robinson

Fr. Paul Robinson on his recent work on religion and science.

The Cathedral of Rheims

An overview of the architectural characters of the Cathedral of Rheims.

The Iron Wall Between Mao and Pius XII

On the conflict between the Catholic Church and communist China.

Politician to Prelate: Man Can Only Serve One Master

An extensive analysis of the life and witness of St. Thomas Becket.

Questions and Answers

A series of answers to questions ranging from what is or is not gossip to the alleged liberalism of Pius IX.

News from Tradition: Church and World

  • Annual Meeting of U.S. Bishops
  • A Tale of Two Congregations of Nuns
  • Travel Restrictions on Burke and Schneider

The Death Penalty According to Pope Francis

A theological critique of Pope Francis's recent pronouncement on the death penalty.

The Last Word

We are living in a crisis of bishops.