Issue: September 2018

Letter from the Publisher

What are the unique challenges of technology to Catholic living? 

40th Anniversary of Angelus Press

An interview with Angelus Press Editor James Vogel on the history and vision of the press.

Tilting at Windmills, A Warning from 1605

On the importance of Don Quixote for understanding the shift to modernity.

A Harmful Dependence for the Mind of the Youth

How are screens affecting the minds of youth?

Knowing Who We Are

An analysis of how social media is eroding our interpersonal relationships.

The Birth of the Digital

On the ubiquity of screens.


On the disquieting ways smartphones affect our daily lives. 

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass: The Introit

A reflection on the purpose and message of the Introit at Mass.

Thoughts of God

Where do we place our thoughts? With ourselves or on God?

The Cathedral of Chartres

An overview of the structure and beauty of the Chartres Cathedral.

Book Review: Half Life, The Decay of Reality

A review of Half Life, a new book released by Angelus Press.

The Quest of Literature to Define the Child

On the manifestation of new concepts on children in literature.

Book Review: Fatima 1917-2017 By Fr. Bertrand Labouche

A review of Fatima 1917-2017, published by Angelus Press.

Blessing Your Children

A meditation on the importance of children.

Teaching Little Ones Devotion to Mary

Why is it important to instruct your children on the Blessed Virgin?

Sacred Art -- Woven Into the Canvas of the Catholic Faith

Why is sacred art important?


Some questions and answers on addiction, including addiction to pornography.

News from Tradition

  • Controversy Over the Remains of Archbishop Sheen
  • German Bishops and Protestant Communion 
  • Cardinal McCarrick Removed
  • Vatican Diplomat Convicted

Fortes in Fide

An overview of the history and purposes of the 1988 episcopal consecrations. 

The Last Word

On the dangers of television and screens.