Issue: May 2018

Letter from the Publisher

The collapse of vocations is one of the most visible signs of the ongoing crisis in the Catholic Church, a crisis that continues more than a half-century after the close of the Second Vatican Council.

Archbishop Lefebvre: The Priestly Vocation

The story of the young Archbishop's pursuit of his priestly vocation.

“You Have Come to Seek Our Lord...”

A sermon of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre on the importance of vocations.

Do I Have A Religious Vocation?

Sound practical and spiritual advice on discerning whether or not one has a vocation. 

Prayer for Vocations

By Pope Pius XI O Lord Jesus Christ, sublime model of all perfection, Thou art ever urging onward all privileged souls in their high aspiration towards the goal of religious life; and,...

Samuel, Samuel

An exploration of the votive Mass for religious and priestly vocations.

Priestly Celibacy at Risk

An examination of the looming threats to the discipline of celibacy among Latin Catholic clergy.

Fatherly Care and Vocations

A study on the importance of fatherly authority.

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass: The Prayers at the Foot of the Altar

On the importance and of the Prayers at the Foot of the Altar at the beginning of Mass. 

On the Priestly Vocation

A moving reflection on living out a priestly vocation.

Book Review: Heroism and Genius

A review of the book Heroism and Genius.

To Truly Seek God

How does one seek God and embrace the religious life?

The Greatest of All Time: A Consideration of the Superlative

What does it mean to be the "greatest of all time"?

The Three Estates and the Counterrevolutionary Vocation

What is the "counterevolutionary vocation" and what is it still important today?

The Domed Basilica of Charles the Great

An analysis of the great church of Charles the Great.

Education and Dependency

On the importance of education and obedience. 


Answers on pre-natal genetic testing and the meaning of the "common good" for society.

Church and World

  • Traditional Trappist Monastery to Close
  • Bible Justifies Abortion?
  • Vatican Selling-Out Chinese Catholics
  • Professor Germain Grisez, RIP
  • The Canonization of Paul VI
  • German Bishops Approve Communion for Protestants
  • Ireland Sells Murder to the People

The Integrity of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, part 2

The second part of Fr. Robin's study of Archbishop Lefebvre's consistency in the face of criticism and challenges.

The Last Word

The harvest is indeed very great and the workers so few.