Issue: January 2018

Letter from the Publisher

Focusing on angels is consistent with the mission and concerns of The Angelus magazine.

"Love's Fire": Angels in the Divine Comedy

A detailed analysis of the role of angels in Dante's masterpiece, The Divine Comedy

The Human Side of Angels

A Q&A on the nature of angels and their importance in our spiritual lives. 

Sanctus, Sanctus, Sanctus: Making Artistic Sense of the Angels

A study on the place of angels in creation and their role in classical music. 

Exorcism Today: An Interview

A startling interview with an exorcist concerning the demonic threat that exists today.

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass: The Grandeur of the Roman Rite

A study of the Roman Rite, including its unique features, internal logic, and solemnity. 

And of Persons There Are Only These: Human, Angelic, and Divine

On the orders of angels and their relationship to creation.

Do the Angels Move the Heavens?

A theological study on motion and the role of angels in the universe. 

The Renaissance of the Twelfth Century and Its Guardian Angels

A look back at the Middle Ages and the splendor of its intellectual heritage. 

Fatima and the Present Life

What does Fatima mean for us today? 

The Language of the Angels

How do we unite ourselves with the angels in worshipping God?


The miracles at Lourdes are still powerful forces in Catholic life and devotion. Here's why. 

Singers Today, Catholics Tomorrow

Why is it important to teach our children about music, particularly to sing? 

Questions and Answers

Who is a public sinner and what is the proper attitude toward him? And should we attend marriages that we know to be invalid?

Church and World

  • And So "Synodality" Begins to Take Shape
  • The "Celebration" Continues 
  • Young Americans are Losing the Sense of Christmas 
  • Capuchin Theologian Dismissed by the USCCB
  • St. John Paul I
  • Ancient Fresco Discovered in Norcia 
  • The Clandestine Church Takes Action for a Bishop's Liberation
  • Human Stem Cells Used as Spare Parts 

The Angel of the Storm

A classic article by John Senior on angels.

The Last Word

What does our angel want for us and how should we contemplate our angel?