Issue: September 2017

Letter from the Publisher

In a world torn by confusion and strife, we need the message of Fatima now more than ever. 

Mary as Mediatrix in Dante’s Divine Comedy

A detailed analysis of Dante's use of Mary as Madiatrix in his most famous poem. 

Fatima, The Message for Our Times

An interview with Fr. Bertrand Labouche on his forthcoming book on Fatima. 

The Miracle of the Sun

A historic article from The Angelus archives on the famous Miracle of the Sun at Fatima. 

Mary Pilgrimage

A review of the recent "Mary's Mission Tour" pilgrimage in the Phillipines. 

Personal Reflections on a First Trip to Fatima

A respected traditional Catholic writer reflects on his first trip to Fatima. 

The Autumn Feasts of the Blessed Virgin Mary

The autumn season is particularly rich in Marian feasts. Here is an overview. 

Three Articles On Pius XII and Fatima

Pope Pius XII had an important connection to Fatima. The following articles explore it in very depth.

The Secret of Fatima

An excerpt from Fr. Labouche's new book, Fatima, The Message for Our Times. 

The Prayer of Children

Connecting the life of prayer with the revelations to the children of Fatima. 

Centenary Pilgrimage to Fatima

A review of the Society of Saint Pius X's historic piligrimage to Fatima. 

Notre Dame Cathedral

On the history and strucutre of Paris's most famous cathedral. 

School Days For Educators All on the Same Page

he Church has a duty to watch over the education of her children in order to make of them worthy sons and daughters of God. 


Questions and answers on scrupulosity, enduring pain, and whether or not one should have a "living will." 

News from Tradition

  • Cardinal Joachim Meisner, RIP
  • Two French Bishops o Cardinal Mueller's Letter
  • The Slaughter of Christians in the Middle East Continues
  • Five New Cardinals
  • The Celebration of Fatima Centenary Begins
  • Pope Benedict XVI Reflects on the Sacred Liturgy 
  • Cardinal Mueller Out as Head of CDF
  • Consecrations to the Immaculate Heart of Mary 

Christian Education Renewed--Fr. Calmel

A conference given on the educational philosophy of Fr. Roger-Thomas Calmel. 

The Last Word

How can one ever write a last word on an intervention of the Mother of God? Will there ever be a last word on Fatima?