Issue: July 1981


To Our Readers

For the fourth straight month, we have an article on Mexico, this one a stirring history of a twentieth-century martyr, the Jesuit Father Miguel Pro...

"Behold These Christians"

As this spirit of true charity grows in us, so will the Church grow.

Father Pro of Mexico

Mary Gentges tells the captivating story of the splendid 20th-century Jesuit martyr Fr. Miguel Pro.

Way of Life

A poem by David Read.

The Labors of Abbe Migne

The man behind the bibliographical reference Migne, PL. His amazing, admirable life and work.

The Folly of Anger

"Anger killeth the foolish, and envy slayeth the little one" (Job v. 2). A sermon of St. Gregory the Great.

The Brown Scapular

The story of the Brown Scapular, with prayers for blessing and investing.

Ask Me...

Father Carl fields questions about Friday abstinence, educational options for Catholic parents, and the "Novus Ordo Seclorum" symbol on the dollar bill.