Issue: March 2017

Letter from the Publisher

Rejection of the Church’s authority instituted by Christ on earth is not the way to order and peace, but to chaos and bloodshed.

Luther's Life: From Fear to Blind Trust

It has been rightly said of Luther that to know the doctrine is to know the man: his struggles became the root and foundation of his new theology.

Luther's Spiritual Journey

Luther’s action is generally considered the beginning of the so-called “Reformation”—rather, a revolution, the destruction of the faith and an apostasy and rebellion against Our Lord and His Church.

Private Interpretation: Reviewing Saint Augustine

By starting from a common ground—respect for the thoughts of St. Augustine—we may have a more effective means of bringing Protestants to a proper understanding of the true nature of Sacred Scripture.

The Reformation Goes East

Though often ignored by historians of Protestantism, the Reformation's impact on the Christian East continues to this very day. 

An Interview with a Convert from Protestantism

A former Protestant's account of her slow but steady journey to Catholicism by way of Eastern Orthodoxy, along with some reflections on the nature of contemporary Protestantism. 

Catholic Reformation and the Never-Ending Battle Versus the

The proponents of false traditions in the first half of the 16th century did not see that their standard operating procedures were helpless to deal with the disaster of 1527.

Tradition a Treasure Received to be Handed Down

Let us be grateful, infinitely grateful, to God for Catholic Tradition. But, after having thanked God, let us know how to receive this inheritance, let us know how to conserve it.

Exsurge Domine

Extracts from Exsurge Domine of Pope Leo X Condemning the Errors of Martin Luther, June 15, 1520.

Feasts of Our Lady: The Annunciation

The antiphons for Vespers on the Feast of the Annunciation, when joined all together, form a “little Gospel,” as it were, succinctly recapitulating this miraculous event.

Catholics & Protestants Since Vatican II

November 1st, the Feast of All Saints, is fundamentally an anti-ecumenical day, a day which Catholics and Protestants can never celebrate together.

An Irish Writer and Apostle for Christ the King

On the life and Catholic witness of Fr. Denis Fahey, a champion for Christ the King. 

Good Works

God asks us to change our lives by accomplishing His will. Christ teaches us to break with sin and practice virtue in order to find peace of soul.

Mont Saint-Michel

A history of the monastery of Mont Saint-Michel, one of the true wonders of the Catholic Church. 

First Experience with Death

A reflection on helping children come to terms with the tragedy of death. 


Q&A on Gregorian Masses, vows, and spiritual reading. 

News from Tradition

  • Extreme Unction for Those Committing Euthanasia? 
  • Pope Francis Portrayed as Martin Luther
  • Pope Francis--Where is Your Mercy?
  • Evangelical Seminarians Becoming Catholics
  • Christmas Celebrated in the Middle East 

Pastoral Council Open for Debate

Bishop Bernard Fellay's sermon discussing the nature of a "pastoral council" and whether or not it can be debated openly. 

The Last Word

Isn’t the sacrament of marriage great because it signifies the union of Christ and His Church on the Cross, which is the Holy Mass?