Issue: January 2017

Letter from the Publisher

The time may be right for us to return to basics and hold fast to the Christian perspective over the government, society, and the nation’s philosophy of life.

The Americanist Problem

What can we learn about Americanism from Ernst Jünger’s novel, On the Marble Cliffs?

Building Society

Insights on educating children and young adults on building a healthy and Catholic society. 

Liberalism and Integralism

On how understanding the proper relationship of the spiritual and temporal orders can serve in the ongoing fight against liberalism. 

The Spirit of 76

Why does the Spirit of '76 and the American Revolution pose challenges for Catholics and what is the true spirit we ought to cultivate? 

From Americanism to the City of God

An essay-length review of two recent books covering the problem of political liberalism while pointing toward a solution. 

Feasts of Our Lady: The Purification

This feast represents the confluence of several persons and events at the same time, namely, the Purification-day of Our Lady, her Presentation of the Divine Infant accompanied by St. Joseph, and their prophecy-laden encounter with Sts. Simeon and Anna.

The Americanist Heresy

Extracts of Leo XIII’s Testem Benevolentiæ (January 22, 1899). 

The Diaries of Monsignor Joseph C. Fenton

An overview of the life and impressions of a great American Catholic defender of Tradition at the Second Vatican Council. 

Go Steady, Christian Soul!

What is "Christian life" and the proper relationship between contemplation and action?

Politics and Cultural Americanism

In the immediate American political past, we have been compelled to watch a horrible accident: two reckless trains colliding head-on running over the fair damsels Truth, Goodness, and Charity tied to the tracks of a manifestly political and philosophical destiny.

Truth, Words, and Duty

On the struggle to discern truth in a "post-truth" era. 

Why Do Children Lie?

God is truth itself, so why do children, who are created in His image and likeness, tend to lie? 

Church and World

  • Pope Francis Creates 17 New Cardinals
  • The King of Rwanda Dies
  • Norcia's Basilica of St. Benedict Destroyed 
  • Saint Father Jacques Hamel?
  • Fr. Gabriel Amorth, RIP 


Questions and answers related to exorcism, the Name of Jesus, and Confession.

A Diabolical Disorientation

We ask for something very simple and very legitimate: recognition that the Church of all time, the Church of our childhood, has the right to continue.

The Last Word

When we pray for vocations, we are truly praying for the Social Kingship of Christ.