Issue: March 2016

Letter from the Publisher

2015 will go down in history as the year which delivered a major assault on the family.

Marriage and the Family

Extracts from the Preparatory Schema to Vatican II

Ideology at Work

 A Catholic doctor defends life and family at the Synod

Synodal Results

After the 2015 Synod, perhaps more than ever in the history of the Church, we have to make an act of blind faith in the promise of indefectibility made to Peter . . .

A Season for Everything

Synods; past and present

The Family

The relationship between parents and their children, and between the family and the state. 


Their history and meaning. 

Family Table Talk

From the 2015 Angelus Press Conference. Roundtable wth Frs. Beck and Goldade, Dr. Flanery, and Ann Marie Temple

Holy Week and Easter

Origin and practices

A Domestic Crusade

Archbishop Lefebvre on the responsibilities of parents

Facing the Liberals

Pope Pius IX; the spiritual and political events surrounding the longest pontificate in history

Salvation through the Family

To fallen human nature, the Catholic family is salvation, the exalted means to eternal happiness, the triumph of prudence. 

Saint-Nicolas du Chardonnet

The history of the church, its return to tradition, along with a detailed description its treasures. 

The Synod of Adultery

An assembly of Bishops in the ninth century, made history when they wanted to approve the praxis of a second marriage after the repudiation of a legitimate wife. St. Theodore the Studite . . . opposed it . . . vigorously and for this was persecuted, imprisoned, and three times exiled. 

Quiet Heroism

What it means to be Catholic parents in the 21st Century. 

Ad Multos Annos

Angelus Press interviews Fr. Franz Schmidberger on his 40th anniversary of his priesthood. 


  • How can we explain the loss of a family spirit today?
  • Does the order in the ends of marriage come from busy brains of obscure theologians?
  • What are we to think of Natural Family Planning (NFP) as a method?
  • Is this a critique of the way the Church today promotes NFP?
  • What reasons are given by Pius XII to allow periodic continence?

News from Tradition

  • Towards a “Protestantization” and an “Anglicanization”
  • The Vatican and the Environment
  • Journalistic Hypocrisy
  • Persecution of Christians Continues

Virgin, Wife, and Mother

The Most Holy Virgin Mary, model and guide of every Christian, but most especially, of the Christian wife and mother. 

The Last Word

Back to basics, to the basics of our faith in the sacrament of matrimony!