Issue: May 1981


To Our Readers ...

All the articles in this issue, we believe, merit your careful attention...

Letter to Friends and Benefactors (No. 20)

Archbishop Lefebvre's March 19, 1981, letter to friends and benefactors.

St. Vincent's 1981 - Persevering in Tradition

Michael Davies weighs the charge of schism made against Archbishop Lefebvre for blessing a church in Kansas City, Missouri, against the will of the local Ordinary, but starts by assessing the schism of the American Church...

Mother Mary

A poem by Hesione M. Dutton.

Triumph in Mexico Pt 2

In this second installment of a three-part series Father Bolduc recounts the thrilling adventures of His Grace the Archbishop among traditional Catholics south of the border.

Our Lord's Ascension

In this sermon for Ascension Thursday, celebrated this year on May 28th, St. Leo the Great, Pope and Doctor, shows us that by Our Lord's Ascension, our joy is made full, and our faith and hope more wondrous.

Angel Talk

A crossword puzzle in honor of our Blessed Mother.

Our Lady, Queen of Poland

The Miraculous image of Our Lady of Czestochowa will celebrate in 1982 the 600th anniversary of its enthronement in that locality of southwestern Poland.

St. Vincent's, Kansas City

A poetic tribute to the newly reconsecrated church.

The Third Order of the Society of Saint Pius X

Fr. Paul Aulagnier presents the newly-founded Third Order of the SSPX and its rule.

Ask Me...

Father Carl answers questions about the status of priests ordained by Archbishop Lefebvre, Pope contradicting Pope, and matrimony.