Issue: November 2014

Letter from the Publisher

The love for the altar and Communion is the reason the Society of Saint Pius X establishes chapels worthy of the Divine Guest and worthy of the holy sacraments which take place there.

Lauda Sion Salvatorem

The purpose of the sequence was twofold: the expression of praise and the teaching of doctrine. St. Thomas’s Lauda Sion accomplishes both of these ends wonderfully.

Preparation for Communion

On the three prayers the priest recites before his Communion at Mass.

Divine Liturgy: The Eucharist Among the Orthodox

Examins the question of how the Orthodox Church understand the Eucharist

Fioretti of the Blessed Sacrament

Some short stories about the Blessed Sacrament.

A Pledge of Eternal Life

The Eucharist is like a seed within us, a seed of our bodily resurrection, because in our Communion we partake of Our Lord Jesus Christ risen. He is in us with His risen body, His glorious body. Thus He is for us like a seed of resurrection.

The Sweet Guest

As we grow upwards to reach the “stature of the perfect man” and ascend towards Him, a condescending God Himself stoops down towards us and meets us half way. 

Corpus Christi Origin and Rites

 "Corpus Christi processions are an important part of maintaining and publicly professing the Catholic Faith. During the Communist persecution in Poland, for example, the main procession in Krakow would involve up to 250,000 participants each year boldly paying homage to our Eucharistic King. . . . "

Eucharistic Adoration

Extracts from Mediator Dei (November 20, 1947) 

The Real Presence

Do any of us truly understand what an incredible gift we have in the Real Presence of Our Savior in the Blessed Sacrament?

Incarnation and Communion in Mary

There is one whom the Christian tradition has always regarded as the highest ideal, the incomparable model of every soul seeking to advance in its life of union with the God of the Eucharist. This is the Virgin of the Incarnation, whose life was one of uninterrupted union with the mystery of Christ. 

The Parish Vicar

A short story

Eucharistic Congress at La Salette Academy

A report on the Eucharistic Congress at La Salette Academy. 

The Tapestry of the Apocalypse

The Tapestry of the Apocalypse 

The Holy Eucharist and Your Family

Pius XII said in an address given on June 7, 1939, that when it comes to the family, the Eucharist “unites and almost fuses hearts together.”


  • Is altar wine addictive, and if so, how could Christ have used it?
  • Can couples decide for themselves when they are able to use NFP?

Church and World

  • Bishop Athanasius Schneider Speaks about the Extraordinary Synod
  • Extraordinary Synod on the Family
  • Raymond Cardinal Burke Demoted

Christus Dominus: The Vatican Council

Where have . . . all the glorious bishops the Church has ranked among the number of holy pontiffs and doctors gone? Collegiality, bishops’ conferences, synods of bishops—the point is clear: the bishop is no longer the faithful guardian of the revealed deposit, a doctor and guarantor of Christian doctrine as well as pontiff...


If there is one point of doctrine that has undergone the greatest challenge in its history over the last fifty years and that the SSPX defends, it is the pontifical mission of Peter, the role and power of the Supreme Pontiff, which is of divine constitution.

Letter to the Editor

Dear Angelus Press, I just put down the latest issue of The Angelus on War. I am certainly very grateful for the attention given to a question which is as old as humanity but becoming...

The Last Word

Dear Readers,
 What was Jesus thinking when He said: “This is my Body”?
 He had all the graces for all human situations possible; He could see every country,...