Issue: March 2013

Beauty and Its Variations

Few notions of philosophy have been more muddled and distorted and contradicted than that of beauty. 

Pankalia, The Beauty and Goodness of All Things

For St. Thomas, a proper appreciation for reality showed that there was an indispensable union between being and value.

Ecclesiastical Architecture

From the fall of the Roman Empire, in A.D. 476, until almost 1200, architecture followed a style that we call Romanesque. Seven hundred years is a long time, and art neither stands still nor changes over night.

John Paul II and The Genesis of Confusion

Whatever the sincerity of the pope’s exegesis, his use of Genesis is a departure from the traditional interpretation on a number of points and seems rather a defense of his own philosophical starting point.

Art, Architecture, and the Baroque: Stairway to Heaven

Such exploration of the Baroque message made it clear that the call to expect and discover “more than meets the eye” in the “stuff” of daily existence was also a summons to an awareness of life’s constant movement and dramatic character. 

A Vindication of the American Dream

This is called the principle of tolerance, and it is also an essential element of Church doctrine.

On Dante

Among the many celebrated geniuses of whom the Catholic faith can boast who have left undying fruits in literature and art especially, besides other fields of learning, and to whom civilization and religion are ever in debt, highest stands the name of Dante Alighieri, the sixth centenary of whose death will soon be recorded.

The Spirit of Eastertide

 After the forty days of the tithes each Christian offers God come the fifty days of the Paschal time called Eastertide. As we concentrate on the latter, we wish to grasp its leitmotiv, and then concentrate more specifically on the Easter celebration itself and some of its popular customs. 

Art and the Spiritual Life

Traditionally, Catholic churches were constructed to face east in order to be directed towards the rising sun. Thus, when Mass was said, the light of the new day would be pouring into the church. 

A Worthy Bishop: St. Ambrose

Within a week, at the beginning of December 374, Ambrose had been baptized, ordained priest, and consecrated bishop. 

Saying What Is, Is, Beautifully On Literature

It is significant that the word for poet is derived from the Greek word poiein, which means to create. The artist imitates the creative power of God because he cannot help but do so.

Garcia Moreno to the Altars!

The president-martyr of Ecuador, Gabriel Garcia Moreno, who was assassinated by order of Freemasonry for being a model Catholic statesman, ought to be raised to the altars for the following reasons:

The Importance of Your Child

One of the main duties of parents is to make sure your children have what they need to grow into men and women. Such preparation involves spiritual and intellectual formation. The sacrament of Confirmation is a major part of this development. 

Question and Answer

May one hide a part of the truth when swearing under oath?

Church and World

  • SSPX: Communiqué on the Election of Pope Francis I
  • Cardinal Bergoglio and the SSPX in Argentina
  • The Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith Repudiated
  • Syria: "May God have mercy on us!"
  • Indonesia: Catholic Schools Threatened with Closing

The New Theological Babel: The Renunciation Of Juridical Language and Its Consequences

One of the aspects which characterize the language used by the texts of Vatican II is the renunciation of juridical language. 

Continuity or Discontinuity?

The time has come, perhaps, to step outside the hermeneutical box in which Vatican II specialists have been confined.

The Last Word

An artist has to use the material world and means, and at the same time he has to raise it up to a higher level.