Issue: March 1981


To Our Readers

This month we touch on a number of issues, some seasonal, others general.

Archbishop Speaks: On the Tenth Anniversary of SSPX

The Feast of All Saints, the ordination which is going to take place in a few minutes, and the anniversary of the foundation of the Society—these are so many events which give us a unique opportunity to meditate on the question of holiness, and on the holiness of the priesthood.

Communion in the Hand: A Symptom of Irreverence

An historical overview of the reception of Holy Communion in the Church and an account of the on-going revolution in the Conciliar Church with the adoption of Communion in the hand in Holland and elsewhere.

The Sexual Counter-Revolution

Given the jeopardy into which souls are daily thrown by triumphant errors about sex, what are we to do? How do we protect our loved ones and ourselves from the savages we must live among?

St. Thomas Aquinas: The Anti-Modernist

One of the most irritating aspects of the post-Conciliar Church has been the shifting of saints' feasts...

Saint Thomas Aquinas...on Fasting

The three motivations for fasting, according to St. Thomas.

The Angelus: Some History and Meditations

Catholics are sometimes criticized for repeating the Hail Mary so often, but it rings down the centuries like a bell, announcing the dawn of our redemption...

Angel Talk

Hidden Saints puzzle.

Method of Hearing Mass Spiritually for the Absent

Those who sorely miss attendance at daily Mass during Lent, and especially those who do not even have Holy Mass available to them on Sundays and Holydays, may derive great spiritual benefits from the following devotion, taken verbatim from a pre-Vatican II missal.

Catholicism: Book Review

Review of Catholicism, by Richard P. McBrien (Winston Press, 1980).

Ask Me

Questions about the ringing of the altar bell, misguided Christians, the covenant of the Jews, the Shadow Government, and a teaching of John Paul II are answered by Father Carl.