Issue: January 1981


To Our Readers

Inaugural "Letter from the Editors" with the debut of the fourth volume of The Angelus.

The Archbishop Speaks: On the Golden Jubilee of Mother Marie Gabrielle

"On the occasion of this golden jubilee—the fiftieth anniversary of the religious profession of Mother Marie Gabrielle [Lefebvre]—is it not appropriate that we try to meditate for a few moments on what the religious life really is?"

The Kingship of Christ Since Vatican II

What merit can there be in giving notional assent to the Kingship of Christ, while denying it in practice by flagrantly contradicting the manifest will of our Divine Sovereign?

The Decapitated Intellect

This is the inaugural lecture given by the rector of the new Saint Pius X University in Paris, on Saturday, October 11,1980, in the presence of His Excellency Archbishop Lefebvre.

Has Archbishop Gerety Left the Roman Catholic Faith?

At the outset, let us acknowledge that no one, especially a bishop, ever says, "Look at me. I'm a heretic," or "Ladies and gentlemen (drum roll), I have separated myself from papal authority." So we must, with God's grace and an open mind, look at the record...

News from Econe

News items include the inauguration of the Society's first traditional Catholic University in Paris: the Institut Universitaire Saint Pie X, the academic year, and celebration of the SSPX's tenth anniversary.

Where Does God Fit In?

Surveying the complexity of our present-day celebration of Christmas, the mad rush to purchase last-minute gifts and cards, the unending parties, the tinsel decorations, the overeating and overdrinking, the sentimentality, the superficiality, one might well ask, "Where does God fit in?"

HERESY! Modernism

Nearly everything that the Neo-Modernists of today produce can be traced back to early heresies and often right back to pure (if this be the word) Gnosticism. Pastor Historicus wraps up his series with a study of modernism.

Definition of Modernism

Quotations from St. Pius X's Pascendi and Pope Leo XIII's Testem Benevolentiae round out the definition of Modernism given in the London Catholic Encyclopedia of 1908.

The Anti-Modernist Oath of St. Pius X

The text of the oath to be sworn by all clergy advanced to major orders.

Angel Talk

Catechism activities, questions and quizzes on the Bible.

The Council of Constance

On the borders of Lake Constance, a visitor muses about the Council of Constance and its dramatic setting on the lake's shore.

Ask Me...

Father Carl answers questions about THE Catholic Dogma, a teen who thinks she's sinless, square dancing on Sundays, and Fr. Yves Congar, O.P.