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Faces New and Old

Introducing Our Regular Authors


Fr. Bourmaud has spent the past 40 years at various posts including teaching at the SSPX seminaries in America, Argentina, and Australia; doing regular parish work; being in charge of the priests’ training program; and editing/writing for Angelus Press. He is currently prior of St. Vincent’s in Kansas City.

DR. JOHN RAO, History

Dr. John C. Rao obtained his doctorate in Modern European History from Oxford University in 1977. He worked in 1978-1979 as Eastern Director of the Intercollegiate Studies Institute in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania and is now Associate Professor of European History at St. John’s University in New York City, where he has taught since 1979. Dr. Rao is also director of the Roman Forum, a Catholic cultural organization. Perhaps the most important of his works are Removing the Blindfold (Remnant Press, 1999; 2nd revised edition, The Angelus Press, 2014)), and Americanism and the Collapse of the Church in the United States (Roman Forum Press, 1995).  He is married and lives in Manhattan with his wife and three children.


Dr. Andrew Childs has served as Associate Dean, Humanities Chair, and Professor of Music at St. Mary’s College since 2008. Previously, he taught at Missouri State University, the Yale University School of Drama, the Thames Valley Music School at Connecticut College, and served as Managing Coordinator of the Department of Voice and Opera at the Yale School of Music. He earned his Bachelor of Music Degree from the University of California, Irvine, and his Doctor of Musical Arts degree from the University of Washington. Appearances as tenor soloist include those with Seattle Symphony, Seattle Opera, Glimmerglass Opera, the Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra, the American Symphony Orchestra, Harrisburg Opera, Seattle Symphony Chorale, Society of Composers International (SCI), Yale Camerata, Santa Barbara Quire of Voyces, Amato Opera, Springfield Symphony, Connecticut Master Chorale, Missouri Chamber Players, Orchestra Seattle, Springfield Opera, Musica Vocale, and Te Deum Antiqua. Dr. Childs has recorded for the Parma, Albany, Koch, and Centaur labels. He has been published by the Angelus Press and Catholic Family News, and lectures throughout the country on music and culture.


David Clayton is an internationally known artist, teacher, author, composer, and broadcaster. He moved to the US from his native England in 2009, to be Artist-in-Residence at Thomas More College of Liberal Arts in New Hampshire. A graduate of Oxford University, he is Provost and a founding faculty member of a new Catholic university (www.Pontifex.University). Clayton designed and implemented Pontifex’s Master of Sacred Arts program, a formation for all creatives based upon that given to great artists of the past.


Jonathan Wanner is a doctoral candidate in English literature at the Catholic University of America; his chief academic interests include Shakespeare and the Metaphysical Poets, especially their ties to Renaissance prayer manuals, Catholic doctrine, and mysticism. In addition to teaching writing and Latin, he directs and composes sacred music at St. Luke’s Ordinariate in Maryland. His work has appeared in the St. Austin ReviewDappled ThingsEcumenica, and Every Day Fiction.


Michael Warren Davis is the author, most recently, of The Reactionary Mind (Regnery, 2021).  He previously served as editor-in-chief of Crisis Magazine and U.S. editor of the Catholic Herald.  Read more at

MS. ESTHER JERMANN, Assistant Editor, Book Reviews

Esther Jermann is a graduate of the Thomas More College of Liberal Arts, an M.A./Ph.D student in Medieval and Byzantine Studies at Catholic University of America, and an Assistant Editor at Angelus Press, for which she manages manuscript acquisitions and works on the Angelus Magazine with Fr. Bourmaud. She has homes in Kansas and Maryland.

MR. BEN BIELINSKI, Director of Sales and Marketing, Book Reviews

Benjamin Bielinski is a Catholic writer with a background in marketing, sales and media. He previously lived abroad in Poland as a corporate, operations and logistics manager for IBM. He is currently the Director of Marketing and Sales at Angelus Press. Early in his career he spent a number of years at the Society of St. Pius X Seminary in Winona, MN and a year in the Benedictine Monastery of Silver City, NM.

FR. JUAN CARLOS ISCARA, SSPX, Questions and Answers

Fr. Iscara is Argentinian, born in 1951. He studied History in the “Instituto Superior del Profesorado” and the University of Buenos Aires, aiming at a specialization in ancient Roman history. He was ordained a priest at the seminary in La Reja by Archbishop Lefebvre in 1986. He served short stints at the priory in Wanganui (New Zealand) and at the seminary in Goulburn (Australia). Later he became the District Superior of Mexico. He has been teaching Church History and Moral Theology at St. Thomas Aquinas seminary since 1993. He has published quite a few articles in the Angelus Magazine, and speaks regularly at priests’ meetings and the annual Angelus Press conferences.

FR. CHRISTOPHER DANEL, Liturgical Studies

Fr. Christopher Danel was ordained in 2000. After completing the philosophical and theological curriculum, he took up specialization in the study of sacred liturgy, and is stationed in Atlanta, Georgia.


Pauper Peregrinus is a priest ordained after the year 2000, with a degree in sacred theology.

PATER INUTILIS, Scriptural Studies