July 2021 Print

Letter from the Publisher

Fr. John Fullerton
District Superior of the United States of America

It is my privilege to present to you the new format of The Angelus magazine.

For those of you who have been subscribed since the first years of the 80’s, you will have witnessed the variations from the simple offset in-house printing by the late Fr. Pulvermacher to the professional printing with stylish shades of black and grey. Later in the 90’s, it displayed colors on the front cover, and only in the 2010’s did we work at having the entire colored magazine. It also had a facelift in line with the branding which the SSPX extended to the whole world, with the view to unify and recognize genuine publications from adulterated texts.

I am confident that the new look will meet with the approval of our readers, as it offers easily readable wonderful material, along with the high-resolution photos you have enjoyed in the past decade.

The current issue deals with the birthplace of Our Lord. The Holy Land was the object of constant strife from Abraham until Christ’s time, ever sought after by pilgrims and knights, and still today the prime area of conflict in the world.

Through the magazine, we hope to provide you with the flavor of the Middle East, with the sense of adventure and piety of the continuous flow of pilgrims, monks and soldiers coming from all regions to venerate the holy places where heaven and earth met two thousand years ago.

We are pleased also to introduce the first of a series of interviews with some of our District priests who have been involved in a specific apostolate. I am sure that it will draw much attention and show better the multifaceted aspect of our extensive apostolate “to restore of all things in Christ.”

Fr. John Fullerton