January 2018 Print

Letter from the Publisher

Dear readers,

The Angelus magazine has a place in each traditional family because it fulfills a purpose in the combat for Tradition. It provides food for thought to the heads of our spiritual family, and helps them to formulate the right principles which they will apply practically to life’s circumstances.

This is what we have been doing since the creation of the magazine, almost 40 years ago. This is what we have done again this past year. We cannot afford to leave aside the burning questions of the day: The American geopolitical issues, such as the Middle East, and the papacy dilemma, along with the ecumenical thrust towards Luther.

And so, at first glance, it may seem incongruous and obsolete to focus on the abstract question of angels. We believe in angels and in their activity among men, but this remains most likely an academic topic with little to no impact on our day to day struggles in this finite world of ours. Is this to say that angels have no history and are disinterested with our lot? Anyone who has been involved with souls knows that the struggle is between good and evil: The good influences led by our good God and His angels and the bad ones, led by the devil and his allies within and without. Any priest will tell you that he feels like an exorcist as he puts on the confessional stole or administers the sacraments, climbs up the altar and defends Catholic principles throughout his day to day pastoral problems.

This issue, joined by the loose thread of the angelic kingdom, offers various spotlights on the angels, whether it be in literature and music, in theology and human psychology touching on repentance or fragility, or in the seeming oddity of exorcism today. It also covers interesting topics like St. Bernard and Fatima—we can never hear enough of it. Here, we initiate the liturgical study of the Roman rite which will guide us throughout this year. The issue concludes with The Angel of the Storm, a must read of John Senior in the section “Theological Studies.”

It is our hope that, as you go through this magazine, you realize how close we are to the original purpose of The Angelus, offering us the principles to combat God’s battles with all his auxiliary troops.


Fr. Jürgen Wegner