May 2017 Print

The Novel Commandment:

by R. Pa (SiSiNoNo, Sept. 15 2016)

The recurring temptation to falsify the Gospel, reducing it to an insipid moralism, is inspired by the suggestion that leads not a few “Catholics” to regard dogmatic tolerance, which considers all doctrines as equally good, as the supreme criterion guiding personal and social behavior.

Its obstinate insinuation breaches the consciences preemptively subjected to the multiple corrupting influences of the school and the media. These spread subtly the paralyzing sophisms aimed at violating the social Kingship of the Incarnate Word for the benefit of the Babelic syncretism promoted by the champions of ideological confusion and moral degradation.

Tolerance, in virtue of its own implicit indifferentism, can be identified with the worthlessness typifying a world culpably dedicated to the sacrifice of the inalienable rights of divine Religion to the idols of the eroding democratic societies. But it would be naïve to think that tolerance would resolve in the generic disposition to keep with our neighbors relationships characterized by a respectful and cordial benevolence. In the pretense of the neutral pluralistic “game,” truth in its categorical essence gets dissolved by the somersaults of a “dialectic” marked by its tacit and prejudicial negation.

This aforementioned deception, constructed on the coexistence on an equal basis of the most discordant philosophical and theological views, takes advantage of the psychological prohibitions implicit in the praxis of “dialogue,” which, constraining the interlocutors not to impose the inexorable difference between truth and error, precludes any reference, however minimal, to the true religion and the true morality.

It is so that “conciliar” Catholics behave as if they had no beliefs at all, or as if they were not convinced of the truth of the Christian religion, as if they were dealing with a trivial or indifferent subject, or as if they considered truth and error to be by all means relative positions.

Searching for Dogmatic Neutralization

The unacceptable search for a dogmatic neutralization of Catholicism and of its progressive “integration” with false religions, raised by neo-modernistic arrogance to providential “paths of salvation,” reveals the aberrant irenic goals of the above mentioned “dialogue”; renouncing the conversion of the infidels in the name of a presumed primacy of individual conscience vis a vis metaphysical and religious questions, clerical progressivism has determined to impose with the Second Vatican Council a positive assessment of the culture of the modern world that had been repeatedly, authoritatively, and justifiably condemned by the Magisterium.

The liturgy of the “aggiornamento” and the fanciful ecumenical aspirations, resulting in a generic religiosity deprived of the original supernatural dimension and of the rigorous theoretical foundations of Catholicism, objectively have facilitated the surrender to secularism.

This process, that now has produced its extreme outcomes, tends to diminish Christian Revelation in the murky climate generated by expanding linguistic and conceptual confusion, which, complying with the destructive plans of demo-oligarchic globalism, condemns as an absurd claim the fitting and reasonable discrimination between true and false, between good and evil.

One would rather say that, playing carefully on the assonance between the words “discrimination” and “crime,” the agents of chaos have reached truly remarkable results in their purpose to criminalize and silence the Catholics accused of “integralism.”

Resisting the Spirit of the World

Observing the ruinous adaptation of the ecclesiastical hierarchy to the spirit of the world, one is dismayed by the equivocal utterances in which Pope Francis, in one of his habitual and anomalous conversations with journalists, has stated that the Church should “apologize to the gays.”

Such an unprecedented and troubling declaration reveals an unmentionable and hidden regret for the constant condemnation that the Church has always levied on homosexuality, in total fidelity to Sacred Scripture and Apostolic Tradition.

Lacking any clarification that could dissipate its fundamental ambiguities, the wish of Pope Francis lends itself, unfortunately, to reinforce the demolishing and desecrating logic “of the aggiornamento.”

Nevertheless, in the asphyxiating pollution that covers our time, we are spurred on by the conviction that the doctrine of the Church cannot change and that the participation of the Church to the Passion of Her Divine Founder anticipates the dawn of a spiritual and civic resurrection.

Viva Cristo Rey!


Translated by Angelo Gattozii from the September 15, 2016 Italian edition of SiSiNoNo