May 2017 Print

Letter from the Publisher

Dear readers,

The Middle East is the cradle of the Christian Faith. This vast region, including not only Jerusalem but also Damascus and Babylon, is the theater of familiar biblical history. But, for the last 1400 years, it has been overrun by the Quran, which imposes its despotic rule over vast expanses of the Fertile Crescent. If Islam tries to present a soft face to the gullible West, it always reverts to Muhammad’s logic of holy war against and servitude of the “infidels”.

At least in living memory, the Middle East has never enjoyed a lasting and real peace. Lately, however, because of the internal wars among diverse Muslim factions, the conflict has shifted and broadened. Not a day passes without news from the war front, which ranges from Damascus to Baghdad, and passes through Aleppo and Mosul. The Middle East epitomizes violence, explosions, and displaced families. Horror and devastation are the order of the day, and this has ensued relentlessly for years. And, as the waves of refugees are crossing its borders, the West is reluctantly forced to take a greater interest in the question, and hopefully will deal a final blow to the new beast coming from the land, ISIS.

There is little doubt in the minds of us all that this religious conflict is spreading throughout all European countries and is even spilling out into the Americas. Nature abhors a vacuum, and for a materialistic and spineless West, Islam will advance and soon impose itself. To counter the twin Islamist religious and demographic peril, can there be any other remedy than strong Catholic nations as well as young adults proud of their true faith and eager to raise a large family to carry Christ’s name to all nations?

What are the reasons for the conflict, its hidden springs, its repercussions in the Western world? Europe first, and then, perhaps America? How much will immigration destabilize the old continent and lead to civil war before the end of this generation? These and other related topics frame this issue of our journal. 


Fr. Jürgen Wegner