November 2014 Print

Letter to the Editor

Dear Angelus Press,

I just put down the latest issue of The Angelus on War. I am certainly very grateful for the attention given to a question which is as old as humanity but becoming prevalent worldwide. Please allow me to bring out one aspect which I thought could have had a broader and perhaps better place. I wished the issue had focused more on WWI since this year celebrates the centenary of the “great war” which has had so much impact on Europe in particular and the world at large. What WWI initiated was much of the toppling down of Christian Europe and the Freemasonic agenda with the surge of the American dream, the early steps of what was to be the United Nations.

Dear Reader,

Thank you for your kind observations, so much the more welcome as they are quite pertinent. No doubt, we could have had a whole issue exclusively addressing the First World War in its causes, its nature, development, and especially its aftermath. This is probably something which could have been done, had we had the right authors for the job. We offered only one article on the reasons for the huge casualties of war which gives an interesting and new insight on the question. We sincerely wished we had also brought out the anti-Christian ripple effect of WWI to the forefront.

You know that we cannot give a full-fledged run on every item on the question of war. So, given our small means and our limited pool of professional authors, we wished to stress the practical problems associated with modern war since many tend to deny the legitimacy of war at all, and they do have some valid points here. Also, it seems useful to bring up practical questions which young adults coming of age ask themselves before jumping into the military career. And, yes, we did wish to stress the Christian use of war with the examples (and centenaries) of St. Louis IX and Charlemagne, who were certainly pioneers in the formation of Christian Europe.