September 2014 Print

Letters to the Editor


Dear Angelus Press,

I am worried that the Society has been getting soft on issues on which it used to speak its mind more forcefully. Not much has been said lately about the Synod of the Bishops on the Family. What about the gay marriages being accepted now in most of our States? What about the beatification of Pope Paul VI which has now taken place at the close of this infamous Synod? What of the situation of the Church in the United States with the new nominations and demise of our Church leaders in the face of the gay lobby?

Dear Sir,

I do thank you for the various suggestions you are making through this long list of questions. Your wording does sound somewhat like what we’ve heard a few years ago from the far side group attacking relentlessly Bishop Fellay for keeping the communications open with Rome. And I pray that you are not part of those who spend time, sweat, and ink over each comma written by our lawful leaders.

This being said, The Angelus is a bimonthly magazine which can in no wise do the job of a website posting daily the latest rebuttal to the on-going attacks against Church and power. A daily paper written by journalists, this we do not claim to be and cannot offer. What—yes!—we wish to provide, through our Church and World section and in our main articles, are those principles which will guide our readers through the challenges presented by modern society or dissociety. The gut reaction and passionate fight is not our charism. We take things with more distance and perhaps not without keener perspective.

Next, we ought never to forget that our battle is mainly spiritual. The political arena is not alien to us, but we address it in as much as it has a bearing on matters of faith, Church history, and morals, and there are certainly many such mixed areas. Just take the example of the just wage, usury, and authority in general.

We wish we had perhaps more antennas around the world to give, ideally, a well-rounded bimonthly notice of the front lines with its wins and losses. Besides the major Vatican event, it is no little work to spotlight the more salient and relevant items in our ‘shopping’ list of the Church news. We are working on this and try to address all news, bad and good, which have an impact on the Faith and our Traditional world at large. To improve on this, we have plans to rejuvenate the News section and offer a broader spectrum with the appropriate comments, and we would be grateful for any suggestions you might have on this.