May 2013 Print

Vocational School

Christian Formation

Forty years ago Monsignor Lefebvre involved the Society of St. Pius X in the work of education by starting the school of Saint Michel in France. It was his fervent desire that this first school and eventually those that would follow would become “seedbeds of vocations and Christian families.”

The Society responded even more to its founder and his intentions by opening last September its first ever vocational school at Chateauroux. From now on, not only teachers, priests, engineers, doctors, soldiers, and lawyers, but also managers of industrial plants and enterprises, skilled workmen, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, stone masons and landscape designers all studying together will profit immensely from this Christian formation and the presence of God in their lives to the benefit of the society in which they will work and live.

Already the school has changed. In a few months, these first students already found jobs thanks to their Christian teachers not only in the work place but also at school.

At the new trade school, boys struggling under the weight of studies that were too abstract are now radiant with the joy of their duty of state and the knowledge of a job well done that will last and give delight to the eye.

Plans for the Future

The opening of the Philibert Vrau Trade School is a delightful surprise on the part of Divine Providence enabling us to find a university campus that supplies all our needs for the future development of our school. We move to the new site in 2013. The following year the Society Sisters will open a primary school and perhaps soon we will start a domestic science school for girls. Our students’ lives will be an example of practical charity in all they undertake professionally.