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Society Congregations of Sister

Distinctive Charisms

The various branches of religious Sisters in the Society of 
St. Pius X owe their existence and inspiration to Archbishop Lefebvre 
and also to his blood sister Mother Mary Gabriel. The Sisters with 
their own distinctive charisms make an indispensable and 
magnificent contribution to the work of the Society.

Their hidden life, lived in great discretion, their particular work, 
their sacrifices and prayers are a wonderful blessing for every one. In the Society there are four great families working under the Superior General: priests, brothers, and seminarians; all the Sisters of the Society; the Oblate Sisters, and finally the laity belonging to the Third Order.

A Recent Foundation

The most recently founded female branch is that of the nuns in Kenya, truly also a work of Divine Providence. The Sisters have just celebrated their second anniversary. In the beginning a few vocations were gathered around the Oblate Sisters under the direction of Sister Maria Josepha.

In September 2010 the Superior General, Bishop Fellay, spent 
six days in Kenya to assess the situation, and on that occasion he appointed Fr. Philippe Pazat to replace Fr. Gregory Obih as chaplain. The Foundation was canonically erected on the 19th of March 2011 as the Missionary Sisters of Jesus and Mary. As of today, April 2013, 
there are four novices: one French, two Nigerians, and one Swiss. 
Two more postulants have joined from France and Gabon.

Four oblate sisters form part of the nascent community. 
The Constitutions provide for the care of children, women 
and priests in Mission countries.