May 2012 Print

Letter from the Publisher

Our Lord tells us in the Gospel that “if the world hate you, know ye, that it hath hated me before you” (Jn. 15:18). Indeed, the persecution of the Faith and the hatred of Our Lord and His Church are relatively constant throughout history, though it has taken different forms: the pagans of early Rome, the Muslim invasions of the Middle Ages, and the French Revolution are different chapters of the same story.

In recent years, this hatred has been especially noticeable in civil laws, arts, music, and culture at large, and has been given the name Christophobia or Christianophobia. As society continues to retreat from Christian principles, what has arisen in its place is not nothing, but rather a vulgar opposition to anything which reminds people of the Faith. The image and representation of Our Lord Himself has been the subject of sacrilegious and blasphemous displays, many of which are too vile even to be mentioned in these pages.

We present some considerations on this question, not to give the devil his due or to discourage you about the state of the world. Every epoch of history has its Catholic response to its unique situations: the martyrs of the early Church, the Crusades of the Middle Ages, and the witness of the Catholic counter-revolutionaries all present examples of Christians who publicly stand up for the honor of Our Lord. The work of Catholic resistance of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre and the Society of Saint Pius X in these times of apostasy is another example.

The question of what to do specifically is largely a question of prudence, especially since you all have unique manifestations of this evil where you live. In order to exercise that prudence and determine the particular solution that must exist in varying concrete circumstances, we must first have a formation in the Faith. In today’s world that means especially an understanding of the great modern errors attacking the Church and society, and the traditional teachings that can pull the Church and society out of the great crises in which we find ourselves. 

To defeat the great evils that face us in the world, we must be true lovers of Christ, Who is the Truth. That’s why above all I would encourage you to pray, read, learn, and study, so that when the battle comes to your town, or your state, or your country, you will be ready. 

In Christ the King,

Fr. Arnaud Rostand, Publisher