January 2012 Print

The Last Word

An old Roman proverb from Cicero is variatio delectat: there’s nothing like change! For the first time, the Districts of the United States and Canada are creating a single team. Both sides have been working together for several months already, and we are very proud to present the first fruit of our efforts: the new version of The Angelus! We hope that this will pave the way to a more universal and Catholic method of spreading the Faith.

This new and updated version of The Angelus will be distributed in Canada since the Canadian District is participating in the work. Convictions, the previous journal for the Canadian District, will remain, but only as a newsletter for the Society in Canada to share the news from our priories and chapels, much like the Regina Coeli Report in America.

A renowned European branding firm has developed for the Society a style which will be used, not only for The Angelus but for various publications, for correspondence, and even for new websites. I’m very happy to be closely involved in this work and am honored writing these lines. Our goal was to create a new version of The Angelus for our ever-growing groups of faithful. The style is new, fresh, and will appeal to old and young both; we aimed to create a style which will distinguish us from other publications by its clarity and readability. Thus, even though there are more pages and articles than before, we are quite sure it will be a greater pleasure to read now!

Another change in The Angelus is the way pictures will be presented. You will find a number of selected pictures to emphasize the richness and beauty of the Faith. In themselves, they are a source of instruction and a cradle for meditation. Contemplating the beauty of the images will deepen your joy and generate your admiration. Spread throughout the magazine they will provide a moment of rest for the text.

A final characteristic of the new style is its positivity. Devoid of any aggressive and imposing elements, we are committed to avoiding unnecessary polemics. For sure, we will denounce outrages whenever they occur, but primarily we want to stand out by positive reporting, by well-written, encouraging, and sound articles. The Angelus aims to be attractive primarily by promoting the splendors of Tradition and the beauty of the Faith.

With this first issue of The Angelus you receive a part of the apostolate. You hold in your hands a unique Catholic magazine: by its content and presentation it will be able to convince those who remain in doubt and win those souls who are far form the Faith.


With my best wishes for 2012,
Father Jürgen Wegner
District Superior of Canada