January 2012 Print

Letter from the Publisher

Welcome to the new and updated version of The Angelus. With the help of a new editorial team and a renowned European branding firm, we are happy to present the fruit of many months’ worth of work and planning. Every issue will feature a theme, made up of several short articles on the same topic, as well as unique regular sections and topics which will become familiar to you as the months go on.

On the one hand, we retained certain features: sections such as “Questions and Answers” and “SI SI NO NO” will continue as usual. On the other hand, we have instituted new sections, dedicated to such topics as education, history, and Catholic doctrine. You will notice that we now have a section for letters to the editor; we encourage feedback from our subscribers, whether or not it ends up in the magazine.

Our introductory theme is the 50th anniversary of the convocation of the Second Vatican Council. Your first reaction might be to wonder why we chose such a regularly-discussed question in traditional Catholic circles. Certainly it is not to preach to the choir. You will see, first, that we have emphasized the period leading up to the Council; Vatican II did not come out of a vacuum. The trends and ideas circulating well before the 1960’s contributed to an atmosphere where this kind of revolution was even possible. Second, and perhaps more importantly, there are voices outside the SSPX now leveling the same critiques as we have made for over 40 years against the Council and the post-conciliar era. We may hope and pray that these voices are heard and multiplied.

The Angelus aims at forming the whole man: we aspire to help deepen your spiritual life, nourish your studies, fight for the rights of Christ the King in the modern world, understand the history of Christendom, and restore Christian culture in every aspect. Read, discuss, share with your family and friends, and let us know what you think. The Catholic press may be under the same pressures as print media in general, but it is not the first time we have striven to be the exception that proves the rule!


May God bless you for your support of this apostolate.


In Christ the King,

Fr. Arnaud Rostand, Publisher