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From Peter to Gregory

For the vast majority of Roman Catholics in 1950, the Catholic Church would have appeared as a singular entity, headed by a Pope as the Vicar of Christ and successor of St. Peter, with a singular liturgy in Latin. Leaving aside the liturgical revolution of the 1970s, even today most Latin Catholics know only a Latin Mass, and a vernacular Novus Ordo. A few may have heard of various other rites of Mass, usually through some study, or by relatives who belong to one of these other rites.

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Egyptian Gold or Grecian Gift

Two analogies seem particularly suitable to any debate over the Church Fathers’ standpoint towards pagan literature. I say debate, for the use of pagan literature was, in the infancy of the Church, a source of some conflict, and remains the subject of a similar contest. The question was and is, should the Catholic see in pagan literature Egyptian gold or a Grecian gift? The correlation of these analogies is almost paradoxical: the first analogy, favoring Catholic use of pagan literature, resides in Sacred Scripture; and the second analogy, opposing, hails from Virgil, the second of pagan poets.

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My Path to Tradition

I attended the Holy Cross Abbey school in Canon City, Colorado for one year as a sophomore in 1967, which was an influential social experience, but not really a religious one. We attended Sunday Mass, which was always concelebrated, and even though there were many Benedictine Monks and Sisters at the Abbey, I didn’t feel particularly religious...

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