September 2017 Print

The Last Word

by Fr. Daniel Couture, SSPX

Dear readers,

To write this “Last Word” I really need the pen of G. K. Chesterton!

How can one ever write a last word on an intervention of the Mother of God? Will there ever be a last word on Fatima? And tell me, dear reader: Who really wants to hear that last word, to turn the last page of that heavenly book? Have we not be told: “De Maria numquam satis”—that we never should stop talking about Her who will be our consolation for all eternity?

Fatima starts with Heaven on May 13: “I come from Heaven!” What a consoling, energizing breath of fresh air! The first and last word all people need to hear: Heaven! That’s where we come from and that’s where we must go. Heaven. That’s the first word.

Fatima ends with that great sign in heaven on October 13. Did one ever consider that the dancing sun was an allegory of the Women clothed with the sun, putting the fear of the almighty God (the beginning of wisdom) into people’s heart while playing yoyo with such a cosmic ball? And at the same time, gently, un-noticeably, with a skillful motherly hand drying the pilgrims’—her children’s—wet clothes while they clung upon them, by the penetration of the rays of the rainbow (a biblical image of Her as a sign of peace), as Northern Lights dancing in the sky?

She will have the last word:

“My Immaculate Heart will triumph!”

“The Holy Father will consecrate Russia!”

“Russia will be converted!”

Again employing the mellifluous St. Bernard: The last word is Mary herself! “Ratio spei meae, Maria!” The very reason of my hope is that name, Mary!

Ubi Maria, ibi gratia.” Where Mary is, there grace is found. And Fatima is the blessed Mary.

So, let this “Last Word” simply be: Blessed Lady of Fatima, our life and our hope, thank you!

Ave, Maria!

Fr. Daniel Couture