May 2013 Print

Catholic Schools

Learn and Grow in the Faith

A truly Catholic school is a splendid environment in which to learn and grow in the Catholic Faith. What makes a Catholic school different is its unmistakable atmosphere of charity—Holy Mass, Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament, Confession and daily prayer. The specific purpose of a Catholic school is to create in the pupils a distinct Christian, Catholic character of mind, body, and soul. Through the formative character of the Latin Catholic liturgy of the ancient rite, the student’s appreciation of the sacred liturgy and Gregorian chant is greatly enhanced. The life of prayer in union with Christ is awakened and deepened.

Well-Educated for the Benefit of State and Church

From this essential, foundational, aspect of the school program everything else flows: academic studies, music, drama, sport. There is no divorce between the spiritual life and learning. All teaching and instruction is bathed in an atmosphere of faith and charity. Everything at school and by extension at home is seen in the light of the truth that is Christ—all things academic, spiritual, material.

The Catholic school aims to form well-developed, well-educated and committed citizens for the benefit of both Church and State. We Catholics are citizens of two kingdoms, the Kingdom of God before all else and the kingdom of Man in the light of God’s truth in the service of our fellow man.