December 2001 Print

Who's Alain Kerizo?...

Note about the author of
"Who's Behind the UFO Phenomenon?"
(The Angelus,
Oct. 2001)

About 30 years ago, the author was indifferent to religious matters. Still, he was intrigued by the public's growing interest in paranormal phenomena, especially the existence of extraterrestrials. He began to take an interest in a number of esoteric themes, including UFOs.

This curiosity led Alain Kerizo to investigate the origins of these beliefs, now universally held after a gestation of some 200 years. Today, the UFO phenomenon has metamorphosed. We now encounter fewer and fewer major spectacles, but more and more diabolical acts directed against individuals, the goal of which is the disorientation of the many. Seeing that this phenomenon is specifically anti-Christian, the author came to reflect on the reasons for this confrontation.

He discovered with stupefaction that the Catholic Church, notably under Pius XII, had already reacted and had attempted to warn, not only Catholics, but also the whole human race against what he rightly considered to be one of the plagues of modern times. He understood that his duty was to inform the Catholics and the man in the street. This led him to write an essay called The Extraterrestrials and the Mystery of Iniquity. By directing his research towards the conversion of humanity, which he believed to be necessary, and by the accumulation of in-depth analyses and little-known anecdotes, the author himself, quite logically, returned little by little to the Faith.