The Last Word

Dear Readers,

What was Jesus thinking when He said: “This is my Body”?

He had all the graces for all human situations possible; He could see every country, every soul, every human thought, in every century until the last. Through the invention of this Holy Mass and Holy Communion, He, the Emmanuel, was literally going to be God with us, partaking in our daily needs, joys, sorrows, consoling us in our last moments. 

How could He not rejoice at the thought of these millions of children, as those of the Eucharistic Crusade (at one time over 20 million), receiving him at a tender age to secure their innocence, to console Him and be united to His Cross?

How could He not interiorly weep with joy seeing this little Chinese girl, aged 3 or 4 perhaps, who, having been told by the kind missionary that she was too young to make her first communion because she still had her baby teeth, came back the next day with a bloody mouth having broken all of these herself with a rock, and asking if she could, now that the obstacle was removed, receive Him who calls the little ones?

And at the sight of these fervent and generous parents, even very sickly such as Mrs. Zélie Martin dying of cancer, starting the day with the Bread of Life giving them the strength needed in the hard task of begetting and educating their children with all the crosses that go with it?

What about these legions of consecrated souls, leaving all things to be His Eucharistic court, believing, hoping and loving for those who do not believe, hope and love Him?

And these other angels of peace, as the military chaplains were often called, carrying the Lord of Hosts often through bloody battlefields, these priests in prisons, concentration camps, these untiring missionaries, hospital chaplains and parish priests returning love for Love?

Yes, the miracle of the Consecration was well worth it! Thank You, my Lord!

God be with you.

Father Daniel Couture