Letter from the Editor


I have three numbers to give you. The first is zero. This is the number of 1962 Roman Catholic Daily Missals we currently have in stock. The second number is 700. This is the number of our daily hand-missals sold last Friday to a church in the Chicago archdiocese celebrating the Mass of the Extraordinary Form (a.k.a. the Latin Mass of 1962). The third number is 105,650. This is the number of dollars contributed in September by our apostolate partners allowing Angelus Press to amp up its revised production schedule for the rest of 2007.

On behalf of Angelus Press and the Society of St. Pius X for which it publishes, I thank you for putting your money where your prayers are in response to our Emergency Reprint appeal. If I throw out the highest and lowest contributions, the average donation came to $382.52. This is remarkable generosity when I consider your precarious job security, the plummeting value of the US dollar (now less valued than the Canadian dollar!), the high energy costs associated with your homes and transportation, your generously large families of children with their schooling, your continued sacrificial commitments to other Catholic apostolates, health care costs, debt service(!), and the price of milk.

My gratitude to those three separate parties, including fellow Society priest Fr. Trevor Burfitt, who desired to underwrite the reprinting of Most Asked Questions About the Society of Saint Pius X. This is currently being updated by personnel in Menzingen, Switzerland. The last 12 years of the Society's history is being recorded to be included in the reprint.

Some benefactors have included comments with their donations:

I am very pleased to know that you will reprint the Marian Children's Missal. It is an excellent missal for children. I have been very disappointed that it has been out of print for so long. Lots of parents have been wanting it [Lower Hutt, New Zealand].

Both the Marian Children's Missal and Jesus, Make Me Worthy are deep into production and due for delivery November 15.

The adult 1962 Roman Catholic Daily Missal, will arrive in late November. (Call for arrival date.) We've had to drop $40,000 as a pre-publication first payment on the $137,905. It is being printed in Crawfordsville, Indiana. As managing editor, it is based on Catholic social principle that I insist Angelus Press books be printed in America by US citizens, even though overseas labor is cheaper by more than halves, especially Communist labor.

The following two notes were especially gratifying, the first from a seminary classmate, Fr. Edward MacDonald, ministering for the Society in Australia, and the second from Immaculate Conception Mission, a Society chapel in Virginia, pastored by my confrere who resides at our Kansas City priory, Fr. Christopher Pieroni, formerly of the Archdiocese of Santa Fe, New Mexico. He first came to know of the Society via the Angelus Press website while serving as a chaplain serving in Iraq.

In answer to your appeal, here is $**** for the reprints of these essential materials. Keep up the good work....Fr. Bourmaud's book One Hundred Years of Modernism is brilliant and well-translated [Queensland, Australia].

Enclosed with this letter you will find a check in the amount of $***. This was from our second collection last Sunday to help in a small way with the reprinting of your books. We will put a memo in our monthly bulletin for more contributions to help such a great cause [IMC, Virginia Beach, VA].

Other underwriting partners understand the urgent need:

We hope this small contribution will help in getting Novus Ordo Catholics to come to love the Tridentine Mass and understand and appreciate its importance [Decatur, MI].

I understand your missals are suddenly VERY popular! But I can understand how this can be a problem–a "happy problem" as Fr. Arnaud deVillers used to describe it. I would like to help. Enclosed is a gift in the amount of $***...[A Priest of the Archdiocese of Miami, FL].

All I can say is I don't know where I would be today without the services of the SSPX and the Angelus Press. I only wish I could give more. May God bless you as you continue the work of upholding the Faith [Syracuse, NY].

I am thankful you decided to issue a request for help under these most remarkable circumstances! In a spirit of thanksgiving and reparation, I am happy to make this donation....I'm rejoicing as I read yet again the details you related about the number of priests and laymen seeking the truth through Angelus Press...[Lindonville, NY].

Please accept our donation for your emergency reprint appeal. We are most pleased to help your efforts in helping answer the many interested requests to learn about the Latin Mass. What a great problem!! May God bless your hard work and may you enjoy continued success in drawing souls to the Faith...[El Paso, TX].

This is only a small token of our appreciation for the wonderful work you do. Angelus Press has meant a lot to our family [Palmetto Bay, FL].

I hope this helps. Please pray for my family, myself, and my business. I will send more money in the future as God allows. Please donâ't hesitate to ask if you need help; I will do what I can [Portland, IN].

Please, you can stop sending money for now. You've made it possible for us to get over the money crunch and catch up with demand. A million thanks for helping us shoulder this glorious burden. Angelus Press, in turn, is committed to helping bear your heavier burdens, as this letter requested:

I am enclosing a small sum to assist you in your effort to publish additional 1962 missals. The prayer intentions of my husband and I are very great and I am asking you and your associates to pray for our intentions, especially for our daughter who has renounced the Lord for the past ten years and is considering changing her sex. Thank you very much for your fervent prayers in advance.

Indeed, in deed. Thanks all, again. The written word lives!

Instaurare Omnia in Christo,

Fr. Kenneth Novak