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Remembering Our Baptism

Excerpt from a spiritual conference given by His Grace in the eighty-second year of his life to the seminarians at Ecône. 

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St. Genesius The Comedian

Father Delehaye classes the story of St. Genesius in the category of imaginative romances. It is possible that Genesius never existed at all, but is a western version of St. Gelasius of Heliopolis, of whom (and of others) a similar tale is told. The legend of Genesius is narrated by Alban Butler as follows. 

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Church and World

In the last year, the world’s attention has been focused upon the earthquake in the Philippines. Typhoon Haiyan followed, claiming thousands of human lives and causing immense destruction. Millions of people are bewildered, people with whom I became acquainted last year when I visited this beautiful, impoverished land.

This was the origin of my travel journal, which is summarized below. It permits you, dear reader, to become acquainted through my experiences with the Philippines and with our Society’s faithful there.

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